New Image MD Clinic New Image MD Clinic We have all been familiar with lines and wrinkles, but few of us realize how much volume our face loss when we age. Areas around the nose and above the lips are generally fuller when we are younger. Restoration of volume and facial augmentation with Fillers are one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed today, ranking only second in number to Botox® injections. Fillers are generally very safe, and can be used without problems in most individuals. The filler is injected into or beneath the skin in small amounts at a time, using a very fine needle. After the injections, The doctor molds the filler with his fingers, to blend it seamlessly with the facial contour. The entire treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and can even be done as a lunch time procedure. The treatment results are often dramatic and can be seen instantly. We review ours patients about a week after the initial treatment, to access if additional treatment is needed. Facial Fillers Before                                  After Before                                          After South West (713)-781-0454          Tomball (832)-544-1024